Cartagena: A Colombian fairy-tale


Cartagena de Indias may be chock full of tourists but for me it was still a fairy-tale city. In the UNESCO World Heritage walled colonial city every turn breaths an atmosphere of romance and legends. I would scan the Caribbean sea from atop the battlements, half expecting to sight a pirate ship about to attack. The historical legacy of Cartagena is still very much alive today, creating a richer, more enticing environment for it.

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Tropical Paradise of Tayrona National Park


On the northern coast of Colombia lies the magical Tayrona National Park. This protected area features forests teaming with wildlife leading down to pristine beaches on the Caribbean sea. The only way to reach many of the most beautiful, palm-fringed sands are the meandering footpaths through jungle and over sea-strewn boulders. With only a little effort you can find your own slice of paradise in Tayrona.

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Eating Big-Bottomed Ants in San Gil


Roasted big-bottomed ant. Source.

San Gil is a beautiful, vibrant town. A busy central plaza is surrounded by sloping, cobbled streets. At a first glance you would never guess, but this town has a secret. A love of the extreme. From extreme sports (I tried paragliding) to extreme culinary offerings. And I’m not just talking about the pineapple sauce they put on my hot-dog, because that was actually pretty tasty! I’m talking about hormigas culonas. Or big-bottomed ants.

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Worst Road Trip Ever?

Last week I was invited on a road trip from Perth down to the south-west coast of Western Australia. The big highlight of the journey was to be a whale watching trip in Augusta. I’ve previously been on a trip to see orcas from Vancouver Island which is one of my favourite memories of my Canadian adventure, so I wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity to view more whales in their natural habitat. However as my travels across the globe have taught me, things don’t always go to plan. The old wives tale of bad luck comes in threes certainly held true for me.

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Fremantle’s Top 10 Things to do Under $10



If money is tight Fremantle’s bohemian atmosphere make it a great destination by Australian standards. This compact city can accommodate backpackers even on the tightest budget. Here are my top 10 cheap ideas ranging from completely free activities stretching to bargain $10 prices.

Fishing Boat Harbour

Take a stroll along the boardwalk at Freo’s working harbour, home to hundreds of fishing vessels. Enjoy the waterfront lined with restaurants and find the statue of Bon Scott from AC/DC. In winter keep warm with a bag of hot chips, just keep an eye out for the hungry seagulls!

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