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In case you hadn’t heard GowithOh allow you to book holiday apartments right across Europe, in 17 different cities to be exact. They’re looking for a Guest Tester, somebody to stay in an apartment and share their experience on their blog. And, hopefully, that’s where I come in. I would love to road test an apartment and discover the delights of a city. Having an apartment would be almost like living there, just for a week or so, but still I could pretend after a day exploring the canals of Venice or drinking Guiness in Dublin that I was going back to my own little pad in the city.

The first question has to be where? With 17 cities across 9 countries everyone can find a place that appeals to them. I love Seville but maybe a city I’d never visited would be more interesting. I could hop on a bike in Amsterdam? Or celebrate Hogmany in Edinburgh? Or Berlin? A city renowned for it’s extensive culture, a city that truly never sleeps, a city that is vibrant yet relaxed? Berlin. I could try currywurst, visit Checkpoint Charlie and see the East Side Gallery. Berlin. It’s calling my name.

With 375 apartments in Berlin the huge choice seemed daunting. But luckily GowithOh came to the rescue with a handy guide to the city’s districts, an indispensable source of knowledge for first-timers like me. I chose Prenzlauer Berg, described as a “charming neighbourhood with…a lively café, bar and restaurant scene”. Sounds like the perfect place to wander, stopping only to shop, drink and eat. Having narrowed down the apartments to a much more manageable number, I then made my selection based on previous customers reviews, wifi availability, location and a washing machine. I promise I’m not obsessed with washing clothes but for cheap Ryanair / Easyjet flights hand luggage is the best and cheapest way to travel in Europe. This gem came out tops.

A modern apartment in a lively and charasmatic area, close to restaurants and transport links. I can imagine myself sitting in this armchair reading up on the city’s sights before a day out exploring.


Just round the corner from a supermarket, perfect for stocking up the kitchen with breakfast food, because lets be honest here, when on holiday I want to have a lie-in and eat breakfast in my PJs. Heaven is definitely not dragging yourself out of bed to catch the end of breakfast service in a hotel.


The apartment even has a balcony, a perfect spot for enjoying a warm evening with a glass of wine before heading out to a restaurant for dinner.


As a girl that lives in a house with 5 men, having a clean bathroom all to myself would be luxury. No worrying that I’m taking too long washing my hair or wishing somebody would get out of the shower because I’m going to be late. Wow, I could go all out and have a bubble bath!


And finally what is more important than having a comfy bed to rest your head after a day walking round museums and an evening exploring the local bars.


Erm… I think I’m getting my fantasies mixed up now! Just don’t tell my partner about this one! 😉 Brad Pitt probably doesn’t come with the apartment. But even without him, I think it would be perfect!

Have you ever stayed in a holiday apartment? Was it better than a hotel? Let me know!


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  1. We love this! You really look great in that apartment, especially with Brad Pitt!
    Thanks for entering and good luck to you! 🙂

  2. We stayed in a GowithOh apartment in Berlin this past September for 6 days and couldn’t have been happier. We were in Charlottenburg that time, but Prenzlauer Berg is a great neighbourhood (very cool places to eat and hang out). Hope you win and get to go – good luck!

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