5 Haunted Places in Swansea

Oystermouth Castle

Oystermouth Castle

Oystermouth Castle

First built in 1106 this castle in Mumbles has been destroyed in numerous battles and then rebuilt as it passed from owner to owner. The current picturesque ruins which sit in a small woodland with views over Swansea Bay are popular with tourists and locals alike. Haunted by a ‘woman in white’, she has been seen wandering around the exterior walls of the castle while crying inconsolably. The young lady’s white robes have been ripped open to show bloody lacerations across her back. It is said that she was a medieval prisoner who was whipped to death in the castle’s dungeon, where the whipping post can still be seen today.


Swansea Grand Theatre

Swansea Grand Theatre

Grand Theatre

Opened in 1897 this theatre in the centre of Swansea has seen many actors, dancers and musicians take to the stage over the years, but there is one actress that doesn’t leave. Seen dressed in bright white and always accompanied by the smell of violets she disappears into thin air just as fast as she arrives. Thought to be an actress called Jenny, who after performing at the Grand boarded a ship to America, a newly built ship setting out on its first voyage, the Titanic.


Swansea Museum

Swansea Museum – Photo by Colin Smith

Swansea Museum

Completed in 1841 this is the oldest museum in Wales, featuring exhibits ranging from an ancient Egyptian mummy to locally used boats and trains. One of these exhibits, the lightship Helwick, was the location of a suicide and the man’s ghost can now be seen as a dark hooded figure walking up and down the museum stairs. Numerous other ghost sightings have been reported including Sarah, a young girl who often tugs on the sleeves of female visitors she mistakes for her mother.


Swansea Castle

Swansea Castle

Swansea Castle

Swansea Castle, according to local legend, is linked to Oystermouth Castle by an underwater tunnel which has  long since been blocked up. Since it was built in 1106 this castle has also been used as a town hall, market and prison. A woman dressed in blue who fades away when approached has been spotted on the grounds, but who she is or why her spirit haunts the castle is a mystery.



Cwmdonkin Park

This park in the Uplands area of Swansea is close to Dylan Thomas’ (1914-1953) childhood home and was often frequented by the famous poet, even being mentioned in a number of his works. It has been reported that his ghost sometimes returns to Cwmdonkin Park to sit on a bench and talk to himself in his unmistakable Welsh lilt.


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  1. is the theatre still open? I love places that are/look haunted!

    • Yes it’s still a working theatre. I’ve never actually been to see a show there though, it’s one of a few things on my to-do list for Swansea that I never get round to doing because I figure I’ve got loads of time there, then I always run out of time!

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