My Manly Movember Bucket List

It’s Movember, which means many guys will be growing a moustache to raise money and/or awareness for men’s health. As I am unable to grow a moustache, (as I’m a girl, not because I’m  a pre-pubescent boy!), I am following Leah at Leah Travels lead by creating a manly bucket list.

Run with the bulls in Pamplona

Credit - Baltasar García

Credit – Baltasar García

Women have only been allowed to participate in this centuries old Spanish tradition since 1974. Bulls are released into the streets of the town of Pamplona and are preceded by runners whose main aim is to not get gored, which unfortunately does happen every year. Everyone races their way to the bullring ready for the evening’s entertainment of a bullfight. I fancy getting kitted out in the classic white outfit with red handkerchief around the neck and asking San Fermín to bless me.

Score a goal in Rio

Credit - Matt Churchill

Credit – Matt Churchill

Next year all eyes will be on Brazil as it hosts the FIFA World Cup. As an English football fan time after time I have faith that this will be the year that we will return to the glory of 1966. I don’t care about the facts on the Belgian team or Brazil’s winning record, all I know is that I’ll be screaming and cheering our team on to victory. Not only would I love to be there to watch England become champions, but I want to be scoring that winning goal in the final in Rio de Janeiro.

Track a lion on foot

Credit - Kevin Pluck

Credit – Kevin Pluck

Traditionally a rite of passage for Maasai warriors, lion hunting was a show of bravery by male members of the tribe. Whilst I definitely would not want to kill a lion, I would love to track a lion down on foot. I can imagine coming face-to-face with a huge lion would be an incredibly exhilarating experience.

Play chess in Budapest Baths

Credit - Aida

Credit – Aida

On a trip to Budapest one very cold February I took a visit to Széchenyi thermal baths. After braving the seemingly freezing waters I worked my way up to the hot pool where I spotted, between rising steam, men playing chess. These locals are a regular sight year round, and I cannot think of any better way of making a game more relaxing.

Motorbike across the USA

I may have watched a few too many episodes of my new favourite TV show Sons of Anarchy, but this motorcycle gang make hopping on a bike seem very appealing. Starting in the Sons’ home state of California, where better to go then follow the famous Route 66 across the States. Passing through small towns, stopping at real American diners for greasy burgers and ice cream shakes, life on the open road sounds great. Who cares that I’ve only ever been on a bike once, and crashed seconds later into a fence! All I need is a strapping, handsome biker… where’s Jax Teller?!


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  1. I would love to motorbike across the USA! I just did a Harley-Davidson new rider course in LA as part of my own Manly Bucket List — one of the best things I’ve done!

    Thanks for sharing your list and for supporting Movember!

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