What to buy at the popty…


Welsh Cakes – Credit

If you ever find yourself visiting a Welsh popty, that’s a bakery to non-Welsh speakers, here are two delicious, traditional recipes you have to try. And while you’re learning the word popty, you may as well learn the best word in the Welsh language – popty ping. It means microwave! You’ve got to love the onomatopoeia at play there. It’s more of a slang term, the official word is popty microdon, but I think popty ping is gaining popularity with the younger generation in Wales.


Welsh Cakes 

These little morsels of goodness are by far my favourite traditional Welsh food. ‘Picau ar y maen’, as they’re known in Welsh, are small buttery currant cakes, similar to scones but baked on a stone or griddle. Eaten hot or cold, simply dusted with caster sugar or spread with butter and jam. Heaven!


Bara Brith

A rich, spiced fruit loaf whose name roughly translates as ‘speckled bread’. Recipes vary from place to place, some using yeast to create a bread, others using self-raising flour to create a cake. Either way the dried fruit is soaked overnight in black tea to infuse lots of flavour before baking. Enjoy spread with a generous helping of salted Welsh butter.


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  1. Absolutely love Welsh cakes – one of the few things I can actually make!

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