Worst Road Trip Ever?

Last week I was invited on a road trip from Perth down to the south-west coast of Western Australia. The big highlight of the journey was to be a whale watching trip in Augusta. I’ve previously been on a trip to see orcas from Vancouver Island which is one of my favourite memories of my Canadian adventure, so I wasn’t going to miss out on this opportunity to view more whales in their natural habitat. However as my travels across the globe have taught me, things don’t always go to plan. The old wives tale of bad luck comes in threes certainly held true for me.

The day started well enough, we set off on time in a car full of British and German travellers. Light Sunday morning traffic meant we were making great time for our afternoon whale watching trip. Jokes and snacks were shared as we all got to know one another. A buzzing phone interrupted our road trip playlist and Aerosmith’s guitar riff was turned down as the text was read out to the rest of us. Bad weather had cancelled the whale watching trip.

Now I don’t like to think that I’m one of those people who gives up at the first hurdle. Just because our main activity of the trip had been cancelled, it didn’t mean the whole road trip was going to be a disaster. We decided that we would use the opportunity to explore the vineyards and gourmet local produce of Margaret River. Of course travelling with two Germans meant our first stop was Duckstein, a German brewery. The stylish, glass-walled restaurant has beautiful views out onto the lake. Whilst a window allows a view of the brewing equipment while you dine. To say the meal portion sizes are generous would be an understatement. As this was our first stop I took the option for a lighter lunch and had a delicious pumpkin soup. Beer sampling paddles offered a taster of drinks, although I have to admit not being a beer drinker I stuck to a glass of wine. A glass of wine, that while lovely, I never managed to finish, I was interrupted by a member of staff loudly shouting for the restaurant’s attention. A gas leak meant we all had to evacuate the building immediately.

As we didn’t get chance to order dessert The Margaret River Chocolate Company seemed like the best place to visit to get a sweet hit. I helped myself to ample tastings of chocolate and then popped next door to try the delicious dark chocolate liqueur. No meal is complete without cheese so our next stop was The Margaret River Dairy Company to sample some brie and smoked cheddar. By this point it was time for wine tasting, after all that’s what the region is famous for. We deliberated over which winery to visit, located it on the map and then realised we needed to turn around. So turn around we did. Straight into an overtaking lorry.

Luckily nobody was hurt. The same cannot be said for the car. The drive shaft had snapped so we weren’t going to be driving any further. Our third piece of bad luck that day meant our road trip was over. A friendly local gave us a lift to the local bus stop where we caught the last bus on a thankfully uneventful journey back to Perth.

Have you had any road trip nightmares? Tell me about your worst road trip ever!


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  1. wow thank god no-one was hurt! Are you heading to Melbourne whilst in Australia? pls let me know! Im trying to think of a road trip disaster story but nothing comes to mind…

    • Yeah that’s the main thing that we were all OK, it could have been a lot worse! I’m hoping to visit Melbourne at some point, not sure when but I’ll let you know. 🙂

  2. Oh dear, that is so unfortunate. .hopefully no one was injured. Coincidentally, I’m heading to perth in mid-oct! I can’t wait. 🙂

    • Perth is a great city! If you need any recommendations or anything, let me know! Just don’t ask about whale watching trips! 😉

      • Lol! I did have an inkling of trying that out but i just booked my flight today so don’t really have any firm plans at the moment. There are so many places I want to visit, though. Will definitely be in touch later for some local tips! 🙂

        One thing that I’ve been trying to find out though: are the waters very cold in oct? Too cold to swim in?

        • I’ve only been here for 5 months so I don’t have firsthand experience of the water in October. However, I’ve been told the sea is still quite cold at that time of year but people are starting to get back into the water around then. So I think as long as you don’t mind it being a little chilly you’ll be able to swim.

  3. Wow, glad to hear you were all ok. I was once on a bus ride in Bolivia and got stuck at a road blockade by locals who were protesting about something. We ended up spending a very uncomfortable night on the bus and the next morning there was a rock fight between the locals and bus passengers (not us!) and we were finally able to move on!

  4. Wow. Someone put the evil eye on you! Grab a rabbit’s foot or four-leaf clover before you head out again.

    It’s got to get better, right?

  5. At the Phoenix, USA airport for the beginning of our long-planned vacation to Thailand. Wife Virginia breezes through TSA (security). I am stopped. Need to search me. Again. And then again. I can see our gate and Virginia. She is doing jumping jacks while pointing madly at gate. Plane is about to take off. TSA fellow pulls me aside, removes a long, silver bullet-looking object from my bag. “Sir, what IS THIS?” I explain, sheepishly, that it is my manual nose hair remover, not a bullet. He sighs, waves me through. I run. Virginia begs. We miss the plane. Still, best vacation ever

    • Sorry for laughing at your mishap but missing a plane because of a nose hair remover? Not heard a story like that before! I’ll bet it gets put safely in your checked luggage now!

  6. wow, its fortunate nobody got hurt. I know how it is, we had a few accidents on our last road trip, including flipping on the highway, getting ejected and the stupid thing landing on my leg. Fortunately the hospital was able to stitch me back up. I was drinking beers in no time.

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