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Fremantle’s Top 10 Things to do Under $10



If money is tight Fremantle’s bohemian atmosphere make it a great destination by Australian standards. This compact city can accommodate backpackers even on the tightest budget. Here are my top 10 cheap ideas ranging from completely free activities stretching to bargain $10 prices.

Fishing Boat Harbour

Take a stroll along the boardwalk at Freo’s working harbour, home to hundreds of fishing vessels. Enjoy the waterfront lined with restaurants and find the statue of Bon Scott from AC/DC. In winter keep warm with a bag of hot chips, just keep an eye out for the hungry seagulls!

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Fishermen of Puerto López


A beer wielding man approached our table and gestured to one of the stools. I smiled and nodded that it was free for him to take. I wasn’t expecting him to sit and join us at our table, but he did. Pulling the sleeve of his top up he exposed a large scar along his arm. “Whale, do you understand the word whale?”, he asked in Spanish. I understood. “A whale was underneath my boat, it came up and whoosh capsized my boat,” he explained, acting out the scene with his hands. He turned his weather-beaten face towards me and started to ask where I was from and whether I had any children. “No children?! Pray to God that he will give you children!” he exclaimed whilst pointing to the sky and kissing his fingers. I tried to explain that I don’t have children through choice, I don’t want children yet, but he was on a roll, telling me I will have children when God deems the time is right. Giving up, I accepted his sympathy and left the drunken fisherman to drown his sorrows.

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