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Tropical Paradise of Tayrona National Park


On the northern coast of Colombia lies the magical Tayrona National Park. This protected area features forests teaming with wildlife leading down to pristine beaches on the Caribbean sea. The only way to reach many of the most beautiful, palm-fringed sands are the meandering footpaths through jungle and over sea-strewn boulders. With only a little effort you can find your own slice of paradise in Tayrona.

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Los Frailes: the most beautiful beach in Ecuador?

Los Frailes. Source.

Los Frailes. Source.

Somebody told me that Los Frailes is the most beautiful beach in Ecuador, so of course I had to see for myself. Just down the road from the small fishing town of Puerto López, I found it hard to believe that it would be much different from the littered beach there. I jumped on a bus heading north out of town for 50 cents and after 15 minutes they dropped me off at the entrance to Machalilla National Park. There was no entrance fee but I did have to sign a form promising not to litter and some other stuff that I didn’t understand so just hoped I wasn’t signing my life away.

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Best 6 Top Sights to See in Seville

Plaza de Espana, Seville

Plaza de España

1. Plaza de España

You might recognise the Plaza de España from movies such as Lawrence of Arabia, Star Wars or The Dictator because they all featured this impressive square. My favourite sight in Seville was built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition World’s Fair, the building itself now houses a handful of government offices. To reach the huge semi-circular pavilion you must first cross over one of the four bridges spanning a small moat, each of which represents an ancient kingdom of Spain. You’ll then find numerous tiled alcoves, one for each Spanish province. Rowing boats are available for hire if you want a different perspective of this spectacular place.

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